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2xLong Haul

2xPower Rush

2xHill Aid


(1620 kcal)


Nutrition plan

1. Keep your body hydrated with Electroride during days leading to the race day.

2. Make sure that your diet leading to race day is rich in carbohydrates but avoid sugar and highly processed foods. Start your race day with a meal containing a mixture of complex and long-chain polysaccharides, and fat (optimal 3h prior to the start).

3. About 30 min. before the start, eat one Power Rush or Hill Aid.

4. Take Canaberry or Long Haul every 30-40 minutes despite your appetite until end of the race. This fueling strategy will help to keep your energy at a stable level. If you get tired of one product replace it with McRaecovery or Power Rush.

5. Whenever you feel down or expecting harder push, take Hill Aid.

6. Keep drinking Electroride taking into consideration the temperature, humidity, and intensity of your work.

7. When approaching the finish line take extra Power Rush or Hill Aid.


8. Once you finish, take Power Rush and McRaecovery.

9. Look for good quality food at the finish line and keep refueling and hydrating. Keep increased protein consumption for the next 2-3 days.


    Our Marathon Siege Pack contains everything you need to fuel and hydrate during a Marathon. It contains a variety of Spring flavors and a drink mix for a proper electrolyte dose. Marathon Siege Pack comes with a Nutrition Plan and turns marathon nutrition planning into an easy task.