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What We Can Do For You

Improper fitting can decrease your power, limit your endurance, and destroy comfort. It can also cause damage to your body. 

With the latest LED-3D monitoring technology from Retül and years of bike fitting experience, we deliver the perfect bike fit for any cyclist. 

If you are training for an iron man, an avid mountain biker, a life-long cyclist, a triathlete, trying to get in shape, just getting started or are in the market for a new bike, let us dial in your ideal fit. That is what we do! 

3d Retul Fit: $350

(Road, Cross, Triathlon, Time Trial, Mountain Bikes)

This fitting is designed for cyclists looking to increase detail, comfort, and performance. It features 3D Retul Motion Capture to help with getting you into the right position and incorporates our 2 sided video capture process so you get unprecedented insight into your riding position. You will learn proper pedaling technique, understand how to develop extra power with less effort, and how to improve your posture. When you leave we will give you mobility goals and tips to help your riding beyond the work we do in the studio making this fitting a truly collaborative process.

Fit Details:

● Rider Interview

● Physical/Mobility Assessment

● Leg Length Discrepancy Analysis

● Cleat/Shoe Alignment

● Q angle and pedal stance assessment

● Saddle Fit Assessment (For Best Pelvic Rotation)

● Dual-sided Video Analysis

● Retul V7 real-time capture

● Handle Bar Positioning/Fitting

● Leg Length Discrepancy Correction

● Varus/Valgus Cleat/Shoe Footbed Correction

● Free Follow-up for 90 Days.

*Half off each additional bike for same-day fitting.


Cleat & Seat Adjustment $150

"Stop foot and knee pain."

Foot analysis with cleat & saddle adjustment.
We take a look at your feet and precise adjustments to your cleats and saddle position and correct for pedal inefficiencies caused by feet.  

10410336_694153893977825_3235822523824906755_n (1).jpg

Bicycle Sizing consultation $25

"Know before you buy."

We take precise measurements of your body, and work with your chosen bike shop to help get the correct bicycle.

The cost of the sizing session can be rolled into the cost of a bike fit.


Existing Client Retul Fit Follow up

90 days post fit

We are not happy until you are happy.  If you continue to experience pain or numbness come back and see us for a free follow-up.

Road Biking

Existing Client Re-Assessment    $75

After 90 days post fit

The body can settle and small changes can happen.   Optional fit adjustment to original fit and bike.

Close Up of Road Bike

List of items to bring to appointment:

  • Bike

  • Shoes

  • Bike shorts/bibs

  • Jersey (Sleeveless is preferred)

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